Annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo

  • Explore your future with a psychic reading at Salem's largest Psychic fair. Tarot, Palms, Mediums!

Crow Haven Corner Psychic Fair

  • Crow Haven Corner, Salem's oldest Witch Shop, invites you to our Psychic Faire! Specializing in Tarot, palmistry, and mediumship! Lorelei, the Love Clairvoyant, will be offering readings and magical rituals!

Lady Irene & Company

    • 102 Wharf Street
      Salem, MA 01970
  • Lady Irene, third generation Greek Psychic. Medium & coffee reader. Stop in for a profound experience.

Leanne Marrama at Hex

  • Salem Witch Leanne Marrama is a powerful psychic and medium. Vist her at Hex: Old World Witchery.

Omen: Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium

  • Discover your destiny with psychics who specialize in tarot, mediumship, and palmistry! Séances throughout October!

The Magic Parlor

  • Fine purveyors of magic!!! Get your fortune told by one of our three psychics available daily... Tarot, Palm Readings, and Rune Casting by the best and for a reasonable price!